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Product Team
Product Team

We have an open survey to collect feedback on the management of custom fields. Do you want to influence the improvements of this functionality? This is your chance!

Share your opinion about this functionality through this survey.

Champion Sweeper III

Regarding the custom fields in Cloud Inventory, when syncing or re-syncing the cloud to the on-prem install, it would be nice if the custom fields would populate the cloud inventory. Using the same field parameters and names on both sides should make the transfer of data easier.

Thank you for adding the custom fields to the cloud version at least.

Engaged Sweeper III

Think you need to tweak your survey a little.  One of the first questions was about Lansweeper cloud, which I stated we didn't use, then I filled in a question saying why we don't use it just for all the following questions to be about LS Cloud!

Thanks for your feedback, @GoodLuck123456. We will review the survey.