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Engaged Sweeper
Hi all,

i´d like to move a considerable amount of asset data, namely Monitors we have in our company and to which computer they are connected to, to Lansweeper, but am a little bit at a loss when it comes to the right way to do this.
I have to do this because of a kind of stupid problem we have when it comes to serial numbers and monitors.
Many of the brands we use report false serial numbers when scanned by Lansweeper. Sometimes they are even off only one character. We always have to save the serial number which is printed on the packaging or the monitor itself too, to have them in case we need to file a warranty claim (our supplier only collects the numbers from the packaging). Because of this, I can´t rely on the automatic process to gather all the required information, because the reported serial number could be, in the worst case, useless.
Now, in our ould asset management system, everything was done by hand, so for all the monitors we had up until the moment we swiched to Lansweeper we had secured the "correct" serial number from the packaging/device stickers. Now I need to move that data over to Lansweeper, but am not sure as to where I need to insert the data, meaning which database tables.
I tried manually creating an entry in tblMonitors, but afterwards i can´t find the Monitor in the Web Console when trying to add a relation etc.

Thanks in advance for all answers.