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Engaged Sweeper
localhost:82 usa un certificado de seguridad no válido. No se confía en el certificado porque está autofirmado. El certificado no es válido para el nombre localhost. Código de error: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER

I need help with this, for de security my network

What can i do?
Lansweeper Alumni
The certificate error you're receiving indicates that the SSL certificate used does not match your local website. This is to be expected, as the default certificate delivered with Lansweeper cannot match your local web console. If you wish to use https:// and not receive this error you will need to create your own self-signed SSL certificate to accompany your https website(s). As https certificates are not directly related to Lansweeper we unfortunately cannot provide support in creating a custom SSL Certificate for you though. We would recommend using online resources to aid in this, or perhaps your internal web administrator or system engineer already has a self-signed SSL certificate for internal company usage.

Instructions for configuring SSL in IIS Express for once you have your own certificate can be found here.