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Engaged Sweeper

Dear Support,

I have an issue in our lansweeper v10.2.1.0.

the ip address at the top of the website does not update, when I have installed the LSagent.

So, we have installed Lansweeper on-premise. The IP address always updated until I installed LSAgent on my laptop for testing.
From then on, the IP address has only updated when I am no longer in the company network. So, when the communication takes place via the "cloud" / relay.


my device is now connected with our company network. 

The name at the top of the website of my computer (asset) is right, also the FQDN. The "ping status" is green, because the DNS entry is also correct. But the ip address next to the ping status is wrong - why? why does it not update. It shows the last IP address which I had, when I was not connected to company network.

I have started a rescan asset, have restartet the agent service on my laptop, the LSagent group config is set to "scan every hour" (for testing) and in the summary of the device/asset it also shows the right IP address.

(last successful scan is about 30 min ago).

When I now leave the company network, it would update the ip address with the next cycle of communication with the relay (via lsagent)

The ports are OK/not blocked, firewall is off

any idea?

@Esben_D  any idea?

Many thanks in advance.


Engaged Sweeper

We are still having this issue. We are on version and still seeing a mismatch between the IP address at the top of the asset page and the IP address next to the "Network" category. "IP Address" in tblAssets and tblNetwork also shows this discrepancy, respectively. Please see the screenshot for details (certain details omitted for security).

Engaged Sweeper

The "error" (which was a feature a few years ago) was already known and will be implemented soon with LAN-13843

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Not quite sure if it is a known issue or not. It would be a better question for support 😞

In theory, it should have the IP address that the device had during the last successful scan.

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