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Champion Sweeper
Unless I am doing this wrong, is there a way to make link anchors in KB articles? I have a hefty KB article with multiple parts and I want to make a table of contents and link that to sections in my KB. I am running into the problem with the id= portion where it will not stay put when I click the OK button.

For example:

<h2 id="S1">Section 1</h2>

<p><a href="#S1>Section 1</a></p>

Some of you may be saying, why not create separate KB articles for each TOC section. This may work for others, but having subsections, or a TOC, works best in my situation.
Champion Sweeper
If what Lansweeper wants us to use is the WYSIWYG editor, then why is there a button to input HTML? Adding anchors to KB articles internally doesn't seem to clash with the Lansweeper website and sure doesn't open up anything to the outside. Is there a place that someone can post that gives everything Lansweeper will not allow for KB articles? I'm finding a lot of limitations on what I can and cannot do and I'd like to see what I can and cannot do before I try it and become frustrated.
Champion Sweeper III
Saving texts using Lansweeper's WYSIWYG editor automatically removes IDs, classes and unknown parameters from HTML tags along with any CSS that is deemed unsafe and unsafe tags like iframes. This prevents text added in KB articles, ticket notes etc. to clash with the Lansweeper website and prevents outside interactions.

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