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Engaged Sweeper II
Running current version of Lansweeper. In the Knowledgebase section, I am able to create custom categories. On the main Knowledgebase page, when I click New Article, only the default Lansweeper and Technical Support categories are visible. However, if I go to Knowledgebase options, click on the category, then click add article, I can add an article and it will show the correct category on the home page.
Lansweeper Alumni
Editing or adding knowledgebase articles directly from the Knowledgebase tab to a category (without going to options) requires your team to have permissions to add/edit for this category, and your account needs to have an active agent license. Make sure you've assigned the Add/Edit permission for the new category you've created to a team your account is a member of. When creating a new category, no permissions are giving to any team.