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Engaged Sweeper
We have many SQL installations but there are no listening databases in the SQL Server Information section after an IP-Range or AD scan. The section is empty.

If we try to rescan manually an asset, the SQL Server Information becomes visible.

But how we can get the information directly after an ip-range or ad-scan?

Lansweeper Alumni
Retrieving this information without a rescan will not be possible unfortunately. If the information isn't listed on this page it means it's not in your Lansweeper database.

A rescan resolving the issue proves that it is retrievable though. It may be that your assets were initially scanned with a freeware license active (which disables the retrieving of SQL Server Information) or that you had the "SQLServer" item disabled under Scanning\Scanned Item Interval. The "SQLServer" item has an interval of 3 days, meaning your regular scans should be picking it up every 3 days (a rescan ignores this interval). For more information on scanned item intervals you can check out this article.

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