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Engaged Sweeper
Many of our desktops have multiple monitors attached to them. We use all Dell Optiplex desktops (7010, 7040). Lansweeper is seeing the multiple monitors if they are both connected via DisplayPort. However, we are noticing that if one monitor is connected via VGA and the other via DisplayPort then it doesn't see both. Any thoughts on how to get Lansweeper to see both?

Device Manager

Engaged Sweeper
Thanks! That is very helpful info. I'll take a look at hwinfo and see what SN it reports for the connected monitors. Yes...we do have a number of old monitors around that are still in service.

Thanks again!
Champion Sweeper II
This kind of issue is mostly the result of Lansweeper not getting the serial number from the monitor (or more correct, from WMI not getting the serial number from the monitor), and since the serial is the main monitor identifier, Lansweeper does not regonize those monitors as an asset.
But they do appear on Display->Monitor, they just are not assets, they do not appear on the summary page, etc.

So my first advice is that you donwload an hardware info program, like hwinfo, and check if both monitors report the correct serial number, we have a lot of older monitors that have that issue, and your Dell 1707FP is not exactly new...