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Engaged Sweeper
Good day

Can you please confirm what the impact is on large networks where LANSweeper is continuously scanning devices. We have seen that LANSweeper caused switch management to drop while scanning the ranges that include the management VLAN.
We have added the SNMP logon details to our LANSweeper server, and we are not sure whether it was this change that caused it to happen or what is due to the intensivity of the scan that caused the switch management to go down.
What is the best practise in regards to a large network with many VLAN's and IP ranges?
Engaged Sweeper II
I guess that depends on your definition of large.

My LS box scans approx. 2500 computers, 115 copiers, 60 WAPs and at least 100 VLAN'd switches across 40 different IP ranges, including VPN users. We noticed no bandwidth issues or switch config problems. We've been running this box for several year now. Our VLAN setup is basic though. One for workstations and one for VOIP hardphones.

Our agency HQ also runs an LS box for the entire agency. More than 10000 employees. However they do not scan non-Windows devices. They are only concerned with workstation and server info.