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Engaged Sweeper II

If you go to Software and sql information you will find the SQL instance, Service name and Database information. However the Database information will disappear from Time to Time but if you click rescan it returns. Upon Further investigation the Database disappearing when and user with no admin rights logs into the machine . Logging in trigger LS push.  Once again the database will return if you initialize a scan from the Lansweeper.

I am wondering if there is away to not loose this information when LS push is initialized without giving users any more permissions. 

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

If a login script triggers your LsPush, perhaps you can update the command to ensure that LsPush is executed by a user with administrative rights? is set to run this script and Administrators have access to read and execute. I verified that one of the users that is logging and triggering the script is part of the Administrator group.