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Engaged Sweeper III
We have multiple domains for user accounts, and on computers that are in Domain 1 with users logged in from Domain 2, the asset page for the computer will be list as Domain1/username despite users not having accounts in that domain. It makes it so we can't look the PC up by username.

If we to a traditional scan on a machine, it will appear correctly. Any Ideas?
Engaged Sweeper III

We have the same problem in our environment. Randomly the user domain information is wrong in the Asset summary page.


I show the Asset "PC1". This Windows computer is member of domain named "MYDOM". In the Summary, the "Last User" field show my: MYDOM\user55... But in fact, It don't exist any "user55" in my domain MYDOM !!!

The "user55" is a local user.

Then, LS should show me:

PC1\user55 or just user55. But certainly not MYDOM\user55 because it not exist ! In hope someone a DEV team will show this message and fix in next releases.