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Engaged Sweeper
Any executable can be made into a service. I'm looking to get an installer for Lspush that can read a file and run Lspuh every x minutes. Any help would be appreciated.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
The goal you described can indeed also be achieved with a scheduled task or group policy. We have documentation on how to set up both here:
Champion Sweeper
Forgive me if i'm wrong...

but, in order to have a 'smart' service that performs non-default actions, you would have to make the code for copying files and such, and compile it into an .exe wrapper... I think... I haven't done that in a while.

so I would get a 'script to exe' app, make my .bat file that does my actions I want, and then compile to .exe and make it into a service.

I'm not sure what you're doing, but if you run lspush, it will do a full scan, which will cause some CPU spike for WMI queries every X minutes, and run for quite some time every scan. If you have the LS server initiate the scan, it goes by 'scanned item intervals' so you can lessen the scan time and impact. (LSClient.exe was used for this purpose but is no longer supported).

I generally use a scheduled task or Group Policy which has the .tsv file or whatever (the registry and file scanning info files) with the agent on the NETLOGON share for the domain/domain controllers

Champion Sweeper
Would a scheduled task meet the same requirements? On our notebook fleet we use a scheduled task that is triggered on startup and also on any network profile changes (to capture moving between docking station, wifi, external connection w/VPN). Seems to keep them fairly current in the Lansweeper system.