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Engaged Sweeper III
when we merged a bunch of tickets that all reported the same issue into one ticket all 17 people received a Lansweeper support ticket email, so everyone could see what each other had typed - issue being one was a private message to IT...

Is there any way of preventing this so if we merge lots of tickets from different users we can select who the ticket is now allocated to?

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
When you merge two tickets with different users, the user of the parent ticket will remain the user of the ticket. All the users from the tickets merged into the parent ticket will be added as CC users.

If you would like to change the user you can do so by going to Actions > Users > Change User.

If you want to prevent users from seeing sensitive information in a merged ticket, you have two options:
  • Remove the CC users.
  • Redact the sensitive information (you can add it back as an internal note)
If you are using outgoing email templates, you can also disable the option "Add note history". Do note that this will not prevent notes sent by agents from containing the note history.