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Engaged Sweeper II

I just love the new look in helpdesk that came in ver The new look of the priority is splendid and much more visiable than before.

But... it is always a but....

It would be even greater if:

  • User (or at least admin of the system) could rearrange where columns are located. I have one customized field that I would like to have in column number 4,5,6 or so. Now it is the latest in the row.

    It would also be great to get the sorting function to the top of each column like it is for example in the view of all assests.

I hope this can be added in the future.

Best regards, Vala
Engaged Sweeper II
Ohhhh my...... I did not notice this new button! THANKS.

I will wait for the sorting function.

Best regards from Iceland
Champion Sweeper III
Hi Vala,

Firstly, you can change the order of the columns by clicking the up / down button when you open the 'Select Columns' window. These buttons are located bottom right.

Secondly, optimizing the column sorting function has been requested by other customers before and is on our wishlist. Unfortunately, I can't provide you with an estimated release date for this feature at this time.


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