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Engaged Sweeper
I have created a report that gives me a list of all computers with an outdated version of an application.
I have created a deployment installer package with the option "Rescan assets" enabled

I have created a deployment schedule to install the application to the outdated assest from the report.
This deployment schedule runs "after scan"

So far so good, deployment funtions fantastic, but.....

What if the installation fails on a pc.

1. A scan is performed, an older software version is detected, installation is started.
2. After installation, a rescan is performed. If the installation failed, the older version of the software is reported.
3. After the rescan, will the installation now be started again (resulting in an endless loop????
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
This situation can happen is specific situations, however, I'm unsure of what options/methods you used to try and create this loop.

Do note that the "Rescan Assets" option in a deployment package rescans the asset before deploying. If you combine this with a deployment schedule that deploys after a rescan, the rescan will not trigger another deployment because the rescan is part of the deployment and happens before it.
Engaged Sweeper
OK, so I have tried to create an installation loop on a test machine.
I enforced the error by pointing the deployment to a non existing setup.exe file.

The installation shows an error, a rescan is performed. The installed software version remains out-of-date.
NO re-install followed.

This is exactly what I want, but I do not understand this behaviour.

Any thoughts?

Nobody monitoring is what I am a bit affraid of.
If a loop would occur, workstations will flood the network with installation attempts.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
In theory this could indeed cause a package to keep on being deployed on one asset over and over again. However, this theory also assumes that nobody monitors the progress of the deployment.

You could put the report which gives back a list of asset with the outdated software on one of the dashboards. If that reports keeps having values even after multiple days. Logic would dictate that you take a look as to why these assets are still in the report. In the Deployments tab of the asset's web page you can see that asset's deployment logs.