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Engaged Sweeper
I just want to start following setup: one host server with lansweeper. Hosting in a dmz. Then there is a vpntunnel to another external domain. I name it domainB. Connection ok.
Now I can do a scan and I see the servers through lansweeper in that domainB. But other than ping results I see nothing more. So I started to create a user in domainB and give it membership to the domain admins and use that user in lansweeper. no positive results.
Then I configured the servers at domainB: WMI service is now started.
But after a scan from the lansweeper host I have no positive results.

So what do I need to make this work?
Do I need a (lansweeper) client on the servers in domainB? Do I need special permissions for the made user (member of domain admins)?
Do I need something else to make this work?

Kind regards
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
What scanning target are you using? Assuming you are using a domain scanning target go though these knowledgebase articles:

If you are having specific access denied or RCP errors or something similar I would recommend searching a bit in our knowledgebase. This article will be a good starting point: