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Engaged Sweeper
Hey everyone,

I was running Lansweeper for a while now (and it's great), but after moving my scanning server to a different subnet I have problems pinging the PCs. The thing is that Lansweeper uses the asset name for scanning which won't work as it is the name of the scanned computer.

My computer's name is THW-1. So naturally after scanning the asset name is also THW-1.
What Lansweeper is doing now is "ping.exe THW-1", which doesn't work because of the two different subnets (or workgroups?). So what I have to do is to enter the FQDN as the asset name and then the ping status is shown correctly. But this looks ugly.

Do you have any idea how to solve this?
Champion Sweeper II
I would set the new subnet in Scanning - Scanning Targets and rescan the subnet.

Or may be the dns records stored in the server where is the web installed, are not correct. When this happens to me I normally fix it running ipconfig /flushdns on the server.