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Engaged Sweeper III

Just updated to and I'm disappointed to see multiple new menu entries cluttering up the on-prem UI that are pushing features only available in Lansweeper Cloud and/or that require a license upgrade. Can we please have an option to turn these off?

I've been a Lansweeper user for 14 years and a paid user for more than 8. I'm interested in Lansweeper Cloud and was evaluating it until the news that SSO would require Pro. In my opinion it should be included in Standard, but I accept that it's not and therefore I'm not planning to use Cloud any time soon, so those menu items are just an eyesore.

Engaged Sweeper II

Agree it's super annoying. We cannot even use the cloud services because scanserver behind proxy is not supported, which is kinda ridiculous itself.

Adding ads to a product we already pay a lot of money for is really shady business practice.

I am using UBlock Origin to filter most of the ads with these filters:

! 2023-04-05 https://yourLansweeperServer
lansweeper.yourdomain.com##div.navigation-link > .cloudInfo
lansweeper.yourdomain.com##.cloudInfo > .wspan
lansweeper.yourdomain.com##.cloudInfo.navbar-link > [href="#"]

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