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Engaged Sweeper
We've seen this issue for the last 3-4 weeks and have not been able to find a resolution.

We're an enterprise of just under 10k assets, we are using an IP scan of all subnets on our network. This has been working until recently when the devices stopped processing out of the scanning queue and the scanning queue continues to build up.

We're able to get 6-12 devices to scan through after restarting the Lansweeper Service, but then the queue goes back to stalling and building up.

We've added a second scanning server and have found that to perform the same way.

Currently I've disabled all scheduled scans and are trying to process scans manually, but see the same issues?

This has been submitted to support 2 days again, heard nothing back, hoping community may have ideas for us to try.
Honored Sweeper II

We decided to restart LS process every day because it eats more 6 GB memory during scanning (old version use about <1 GB). So virtual memory is over and queue stucks.

Engaged Sweeper

I am dealing with the same issue at the moment. I notice this started happening after updating Lansweeper to Were you able to resolve your issue? 

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

@Mister_Nobody ,  

Performance scanning targets may be clogging up and slowing down the scanning queue. These run in the background and are not visible on the scanning queue.


To attempt to resolve the issue, please follow the steps below: 

  • Clear the scanning queue by restarting the concerned scanning service under services.msc on the device hosting the scanning server.
  • When the queue has cleared, rerun the scanning targets. 

Should the issue persist, disable all scanning under Scanning\Performance Scanning. (if any are enabled) and repeat the above steps. 


If disabling your performance scanning resolves the issue, we recommend following the steps below to prevent the issue in the future:

Honored Sweeper II

No, we don't use Performance Scanning.

Engaged Sweeper
UPDATE: We set the Event Viewer Logs to 7 days, then ran the DB clean up job and it dropped our DB size significantly and scans are working again.
Engaged Sweeper
Another thing is the Import feature using Lspush.. devices sit in there as well w/out syncing.
Champion Sweeper II
Is the new database set for autogrowth? If you go to Configuration->Database Tables, does it actually say you have some unallocated space? How large is your database?

Using my own server for perspective I see it is 27551MB, 1191MB unallocated, ~11k devices (14k assets).
I'll check w/ our DB guys..

Assets: 13569
Size: 12413.63 MB
Unallocated: 56.83 MB

LS Server Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Windows Server 2019
Schema Version: 700
Assets: 16699
Size: 11415.06 MB
Unallocated: 387.89 MB

Also we added 2 scheduled tasks:
1. Clean_tblServicesUni:
DELETE FROM tblServicesUni WHERE ServiceuniqueID NOT IN (SELECT serviceuniqueid FROM tblservices)

2. Delete_Future_Events:
delete from tblntlog where tblNtlog.TimeGenerated > Current_TimeStamp