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Engaged Sweeper II
Port mapping on switches are still not updating on v. Status of port is reported properly, but the attached assets do not update. Is there still open work against this issue?
Engaged Sweeper II
MACs are returned fine, SNMP has been working all along.

Email sent. Thanks.
Lansweeper Alumni
In Lansweeper version through there was an issue with the scanning of devices connected to switch ports interfaces for certain switch models. This issue was resolved in Lansweeper version If you're still seeing an issue with connected devices not being scanned we recommend the following:
  • Download and run this tool from your Lansweeper server towards the switch in question, using your scanning SNMP credentials
  • MAC addresses of connected assets, if found, will be listed at the bottom of the output. If assets are listed there,
    but they're not being scanned, please send in an email towards support@lansweeper.com with the full output of interfacescandebugger, Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Service\Errorlog.txt as found on your Lansweeper server and screenshots of the asset page of the same switch
  • If no connected MACs are returned by interfacescandebugger either, it's likely that this information is not retrievable via SNMP at all unfortunately.