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Engaged Sweeper
Hi guys,

I'm currently trying to figure out an identity card identification and access denied to advanced actions problem.

I restarted the Lansweeper server yesterday and this morning, certain advanced actions proposed by Lansweeper as "unlock ad account" or "reset password + unlock account" don't work anymore only for few members.

One of them has an identity card identification required to access to the advanced actions (he did it) and then when he clicks on an advanced action, he has "access denied" in spite of the fact that before the restarting of the server, it worked fine and without this ID card identification.

Can you give more information concerning this weird behaviour plz?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Lansweeper Alumni
If you currently can't see the unlock user account action, your account may currently not have the View Advanced Actions permission in Lansweeper. You can adjust your user role under Configuration\User Access & Roles.

"Verify" is not a default user action though. You can view and configure user actions under Configuration\User Pages. User pages can be accessed by clicking the name of a user account. You can get an overview of the AD users you've scanned by going to Dashboard\Active Directory and making use of the Active Directory Users OU widget.

Action permissions
Engaged Sweeper III
Hi, please help me to find how to verify and unlock ad user account. I don't know from where I have this option.

Engaged Sweeper III
Is Lansweeper already updated? See

Kind Regards, Juha