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Engaged Sweeper
Hi all.
Our business unit recently got sold, and as part of the separation from our parent company I am setting up a new instance of Lansweeper. The previous instance has not been touched for a while, but did not display any of our amusement game card readers. These are small devices, connected to our network mainly by WiFi, that get an IP address from a local DHCP server. I am not interested in seeing these devices on Lansweeper. On the same DHCP range are PCs which I am interested in seeing. As we change machines frequently, I don't want to reserve all PCs, and then exclude the card readers by IP.
They show as "network devices", but again I don't want to ignore by device type so I can scan for routers and any rogue devices connected by inexperienced staff at our remote sites.
I'm assuming if I remove these devices from the database they will all be picked up again on the next scan.
I haven't had much success with Lansweeper support on this so hoping for some tips from anyone who has a device type that is not something they want to see on Lansweeper, without blocking the IP.
Device screen shot
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where there is not much you can do. All I can really think of is seeing if the card readers have some functionality to prevent them from responding to a ping. If they do not respond to the ping from Lansweeper, Lansweeper won't scan them.

Alternatively, you can try disabling the 'Save pinged IP'. This will ensure that only devices that provide more information than just the IP create an asset. Usually, network devices will provide more information than just an IP.