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Engaged Sweeper
Since we've been on we're seeing an issue with Deployments repeating. For example, I run a deployment on machines A and B. Later on I run a deployment on machine C only, but a deployment is run on A and B again as well. This just happened when I ran a deployment for a single application on one machine, but what also triggered was a scheduled deployment from earlier in the day, for a completely different product. This has been recurring and repeatable.
Engaged Sweeper III
This problem was occurring long before I am glad they have finally identified it and added it to the fix list.
Engaged Sweeper II
Just an update - Lansweeper has identified this as a bug and assigned it a high priority. Monitor the changelog here - and watch for issue LAN-3330
Engaged Sweeper II
Did you ever get an answer for this? We're on as well and are currently having a big issue with scheduled deployments repeating. In our case the "Executed" column in the scheduled deployments window isn't being populated - still says "Not executed" even though it's run 5 times already (even though only being scheduled once).

We've currently stopped our Lansweeper service and I emailed everything to support but haven't heard back yet.