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Engaged Sweeper


we've deployed a scan server in workgroup, we're trying to scan domain's server with Domain Admin credentials and with Local Admin Credentials both.

The scanning error is ACCESS DENIED only on WMI Query, we tested it using TestConnection.exe . On remote machine Firewall is off and WMI Instrumental Service is running. If i scan this remote server using a scan server inside domain it's working properly.

Can you suggest us some tips?



Champion Sweeper

You can also check the wmi permissions via the wmi mmc snap in to adjust the security on the namespaces to see if that changes anything.



Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Have you ensured that you are using domain\username or localhost\username? 

Please keep us updated. 

Tim N.
Lansweeper Employee

Yes, i confirm. I'm using domain\username.

If i use the same credentials in testconnection.exe it's give me access denied only in wmi queries, in c$ works so the credentials are correct.

If i scan the same server using a scan-server inside domain it's works.

Domain firewall on target machine is off

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