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Engaged Sweeper II
I have recently changed from using SNMP scanning to SSH on my linux machines. But now all my Linux machines are showing up in the error report as they are

Scan Incomplete SNMP was not scanned, but existing record has SNMP info.

Can these errors be removed so I don't continue getting these false positive results. As the SSH credential are now taking care of the scan.
Engaged Sweeper III

I am running into the same issue as we move away from being primarily Windows focused in order to catch security vulnerabilities on non-Windows assets. As we migrate from SNMP scanning to SSH scanning for Linux (as recommended) we are seeing this issues, and I've been unable to find any way to remove the old, extraneous data.

I find the lack of transparency into the scanning history of a node inconsistent and frustrating. It would be helpful to have the "Scanning History" tab show up for all nodes, and it would be equally helpful to be able to disable certain scanning protocols/methods on at the node level.