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Engaged Sweeper
I am trying to make a new deployment for an Autodesk patch. I have the package saved and the install path is \\OMAW2KGHOST\Lansweeper\PackageShare\Installers\Vault2018Patch\Autodesk_Vault_2018.3.2_Update_Client.exe. The problem comes in when I push it, I get 3 installs running. The patch does get installed but I never get a complete showing on LanSweeper, only a Time Out after 20 minutes. The original file name had( )around the word Client at the end of the file name and kept failing right away. Removing the ( ) made it run to this point.
Thanks for any help.

Honored Sweeper
That is an incorrect function vs a time out. AutoDesk products can be a pain based on the size of them as well, so make sure you are allowing enough time in your package that it doesn't time out while still installing.

Have you also checked out this and extract the data from the wrapper using the additional information?