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Engaged Sweeper

I am having problems with LSpush( that it is always showing a Socket error#10061

Followed this post , Socket errors when scanning with LsPush agent - Lansweeper , but it did not fix anything for me. 

Still getting the socket error. 

Need help.

I am running Lansweeper

Engaged Sweeper

Sent all the information to support. 

I have only received a case number response and nothing else. 


Engaged Sweeper

I will send the necessary information to you support email. 

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there! 


Our tech support team should be able to assist you with this. They can have a look at your logfiles.

How to contact support?

Make sure to add the GatherLogs output file so our SME's can start investigating the issue straight away. 

Using the GatherLogs tool.

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