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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hey Insiders,

We are working on a new integration to offer more features for Software Deployment, to our Lansweeper customers with PDQ Deploy.
If this is an integration that would be of interest to you we would love to have a chat with you. We are in the final stages of design and it would be incredibly valuable to be able to validate our use case and the integration with a customer.

Please email me cassandra.lloyd@lansweeper.com or reply here.

Engaged Sweeper

I would also be interested in hearing more about this integration.

Engaged Sweeper III

Hello, has there been any update on this integration? We have used PDQ Deploy here for quite a while and it would be really beneficial to have some type of PDQ Deploy integration available.


Engaged Sweeper II

Dear Cass, Good day to you. I am interest on this integration. What info you required for pilot or testing? Thanks.

Engaged Sweeper II

We have some interest in this as well!

This is great news, can you email me at cassandra.lloyd@lansweeper.com so I can organise this with you. Thanks

This is great news, Ill be in touch!

Engaged Sweeper

SIGN US UP! We love PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory!

Engaged Sweeper II

YES! YES! YES! Sign me up for this one. I’ve been waiting for this to drop since I found both Lansweeper and PDQ.

Please email me - cassandra.lloyd@lansweeper.com and I will organise for you