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Engaged Sweeper

I'm doing an integration between the Servicenow and Lansweeper, and I noticed that my sqlServerId (table tblsqlServers) is changing, and that's impacting on the relationship between our assets, databases, etc.

So, I don't know exactly how I can fix it, because when I saw the other tables the id (pk) is the same even if the asset had some change.

Apparently, this occurs only on this table.

Does anyone know how I fix it?

Anyway, thank you!
Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support
When an asset gets rescanned, certain data that is picked up just gets re-inserted in the database. So the old data gets often removed and inserted again with the new scan, rather this just updating the existing data.
This is also the case for SQLServer data. So this is the reason why it gets a new SqlServerId after each scan.