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Lansweeper Alumni

We work our way up (or down) in better support of switches / routers / …
To validate our ideas, we have the following questions:
1/ What vendor types do you support ? (cisco, Aruba, Dell, …) and types (if possible)
2/ What is an average lifecycle of these devices in your company ? (3, 5, 7, … years)
3/ Do you owe/have/know where to get the MIB files for these devices and able/willing to share ?
4/ Are you open to provide credentials to get a deeper level data out of your devices or do you prefer to end on SNMP only
5/ Is an integration with warranty a valuable route for you ? Would you be willing to support this towards the vendors (as this can be a burden for us as they do not see the ‘bigger’ picture)

All ideas / feedback / … more than welcome.

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Any news about the release?

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

At the moment there is no concrete release date, we’ve got plenty of plans for more network device scanning, but there is nothing planned for a specific release yet.

Engaged Sweeper
  1. Juniper
  2. 5-7 year lifecycle
  3. Vendor site
  4. SNMP
    5.We replace the switches before warranty/service agreement expires.
Engaged Sweeper II

1.Cisco for switches and routers
2. About 10 years
3. Use Vendor’s site (would be great if Lansweeper could pull data)
4. SNMP Only
5. Yes, an integration with warranty is valuable.

Engaged Sweeper II

1°) Cisco Meraki
2°) 10 years, i hope
3°) Yes : Meraki devices support the majority of OIDs located within the subset of the following MIBs:- - SNMPv2-MIB .
These MIBs are not proprietary and therefore are available on most network monitoring systems.
Doc : SNMP Overview and Configuration - Cisco Meraki
4°) Why not, we can use “read-only” credentials but the best way, Meraki have an API : Meraki Developer Hub – Deploy, Build, & Engage - Cisco DevNet
5°) Yes, It is essential to remember the end date of the guarantee (subscription at Meraki) per equipment. WiPreformatted textth Meraki, it is possible to quickly exceed the end date of subscription per equipment because the alert of over-subscription is shared across the entire fleet but requires a renewal of the equipment.
But the API can be do that : getOrganizationLicenses

Engaged Sweeper

1.- HPE, Aruba, Ubiquiti, Microtik
2.- 5-10 años aproximadamente
3.- Sitios de proveedores
4.- Se pueden hacer dependiendo de los datos extraídos
5.- La garantía no es crítica

1.- Verificación de actualización de firmware
2.- Copia de seguridad de la configuración
3.- Estadísticas de uso / Alertas ETC.

Champion Sweeper
  1. HP, Aruba, Ubiquiti, Barracuda, Sonicwall
  2. 10yrs approximately
  3. Vendor sites
  4. Considerations can be made depending the data pulled
  5. Warranty would be nice but not critical

Other ideas:

  • Config backup capability
  • Firmware update check
  • Port\hardware utilization stats, real time would be nice but just the ability to get reports for tracking trends etc would be nice

Thanks for the additional ideas. I wonder if the utilization stats could be implemented similar to the windows/linux performance counters (more in the vain of trending) ? Would that be helpful ?

Yeah, with the report options I think that would be very useful.