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Engaged Sweeper II

How do i search only in "Deployment Packages"

How do i view the Most Viewed posts in "Deployment Packages"?

Why, if i select "Deployment Packages" and then select most viewed, does it show me the most viewed posts overall and not in the community i selected?

Please help me navigate this mess.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hello @ThoKl Thank you for your post and for letting us know more about your experience with the new community so far.

I have identified the problem you are facing, indeed you should go to "Forum" and then filter by the Label on the right, however, the feature "Most viewed" should be working regardless. This is the first week of our new Community so we're still fine tuning these details based on your feedback - so thank you for giving us visibility of this issue.

I have escalated this issue with our Support team and will get back to you with a solution shortly.

Best regards, BeaCampos.