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Engaged Sweeper

We've noticed that the ticket ID counter is not working correctly.

For some reason, there are gaps in the numbering of the ticket IDs in our system.
Last time this happened was Tuesday/Wednesday this week: last ticket Tuesdaynight was #8597,
first ticket Wednesdaymorning was #9595.

This happened a few times before but now it is getting out of hand.
We have made about 5.5k tickets in our helpdesk system, but our latest assigned tickets get IDs from 9600 and counting.

What causes the numbering to create this leap in the numbering?

Thanks for your help.

Engaged Sweeper
Thanks for you answer, Karel.
I've passed this on to our system engineers, the startup parameter has been added.

Fingers crossed, ofcourse there's no way of knowing for sure it won't happen again.
If it doesn't in the next few months, I'll mark your post as a solution.

Regards, Maxim.
Champion Sweeper III
This might be due to a feature MSSQL Server 2012 introduced called sequences. Whenever MSSQL Server gets turned off it automagially increments identity counters by 10000. Since this identity is used for ticket IDs those get a +10000 as well.

The following link proposed a solution to this problem: Scroll down to the possible solutions and try adding '-t272' as an MSSQL Server startup parameter.