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Engaged Sweeper
I only see my history when I try to view another user's history.
Engaged Sweeper
We use Nirsoft, but when we are on an asset page (different than our own workstation) and click on Internet History under Basic Options in LanSweeper we see our own personal internet history vs the internet history of the asset that we are on. Why doesn't it show the history of the asset of the page we are on?
Honored Sweeper
Hi @mgibson4678,

Can I ask how you are viewing the Browsing History?

We are using the Browsing History View from Nirsoft as an Asset action on the asset page.

{actionpath}BrowsingHistoryView.exe /HistorySource 7 /ComputerName {smartname} /VisitTimeFilterType 1 /StopIECacheTask 1

This works really well for us as it reports IE, Chrome & Firefox (except my FF as I run portable).

Browsing History View
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
What method are you using to view the user's IE history?