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Engaged Sweeper
I am trying scan a single ip with credentials, after mapping credentials it still says the the credential were not right. Any Help?

Credential screen
Error message
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Does your credential have local administrative privileges on that machine?

It might also be due to a firewall not being configured correctly.

These articles might also help:

Windows domain scanning requirements: https://www.lansweeper.com/kb/4/domain-scanning-requirements.html
Windows workgroup scanning requirements: https://www.lansweeper.com/kb/5/workgroup-scanning-requirements.html
How to scan a Windows computer: https://www.lansweeper.com/kb/164/how-to-scan-a-windows-computer.html
Access denied errors: https://www.lansweeper.com/kb/1/troubleshooting-guide.html

If they do not help I would suggest sending an e-mail to our support staff at support@lansweeper.com