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Community Manager
Community Manager

CONGRATULATIONS to the lucky winner of the Giveaway contests launched last week@Hendrik_VE  got the most votes in our Caption Contest and scored the highest (100%!) on the 'How well do you know Lansweeper?' Quiz (find the answers to the Lansweeper Quiz below)

@Hendrik_VE Check your inbox for a message from us on how to claim your prize(s)!

Thank you to all our giveaway entrants - if you didn't win this time, watch this space for more opportunities this year.

Quiz: How Well Do You know Lansweeper?

  1. What was the code name for Lansweeper 7? Ans: Aurora

  2. Lansweeper was created in …? 2000-2004 (hint: Introduction to Lansweeper Fundamentals Training series)

  3. What is the name of the relation type used to show multiple assets on e.g. the blueprint of a building? Ans: “Is Located In” or “Has Location of”

  4. Lansweeper was created by a …? Ans: Sysadmin


Champion Sweeper III

Congratulations @Hendrik_VE . You got my vote for all your help in the forum.

Champion Sweeper II

Congrats @Hendrik_VE!

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