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Engaged Sweeper
Hello all!

I had a question in regards to the aforementioned Lansweeper report. We currently have about 20 or so WYSE Clients (Thin OS PC's) in our environment. The problem that I am having is that these specific machines show up in our report and they should not.

Is there anyway to exclude a certain machine type from showing up in the report?

Thank you all so much!
Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support
Hi Tyler P.

If the WYSE clients are detected as a different asset type then Windows, you can add an exclusion based on asset type to the SQL code. I'd recommend to first save a copy of the report before making any changes.

You can exclude assets based on asset type by adding the following SQL statement to the where clause.

tblAssets.AssetID NOT IN
SELECT tblAssets.assetid
FROM tblAssets
WHERE tblassets.Assettype = '1' --> ID number of the assettype to be excluded