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Engaged Sweeper II
I have about a dozen computers that were picked up by 7.1 a second time, as Network Devices. The workstations were already in the database, and now I have two records for each. I deleted the Network Device asset record for each, and after another scan they came back. A couple are Dells, most are Lenovo laptops. Anyone have any suggestions on how to stop this?
Engaged Sweeper III

I have or still have the problem

As soon as I actively scan an IP-Range and activate "ignore windows", the computers will still be recognized as network devices. AD scanning is ok, but I need to be able to actively scan the ranges.

LsAgent is not an option because the software history gets mixed up when I use LsAgent. Everything double and triple in history .. (other construction site)

Basti On
Engaged Sweeper III
I also see this from time to time. My understanding is that it is caused by the agentless scan not being able to fully fingerprint the device, either due to a firewall issue or transient network issues (e.g. the device drops off of Wi-Fi while the scan is in progress).

The change I made that had the most effect was to set my active IP Range scanning to "Ignore Windows", and instead rely on the Active Directory Domain active scanning and scheduled LsPush scans. I still see it very occasionally but not nearly as often as I used to.
Engaged Sweeper II
And before anyone say update, I am on 🙂