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Engaged Sweeper III
I've been able to use LSClient and LSPush to get inventory off of wireless devices, but I was just wondering if there was a way for the wireless device to pick up any deployments designated for it and pull it down whenever it checks in. Not a super needed function, just would be nice.
Engaged Sweeper III
In around 2 months we are going to give this a shot in conjunction with a netscaler we have. Anytime a laptop connects to a network, a vpn is going to automatically kick off giving it a valid connection to our network.

It's part of a grand scheme project, and we think it will work.
Lansweeper Alumni
There is no built-in functionality to perform deployments over the Internet, if this is what you're asking. You can deploy on Windows computers connected to a wireless network, but there needs to be a TCP/IP or VPN connection between that network and the one your Lansweeper server is located in. I'll move this topic to the wish list section of the forum.

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