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Deployments active

It would be nice, in the logs or something, to see how many deployments are active and running. Sometimes I run huge deployments, and there is not a good way to know when it's done done.

sullivane by Champion Sweeper III
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notification of linked docs while deleting an asset

Hi LS-team,it would be a nice feature to get an alert (or notification) when a user deletes an assets where documents are still linked to.So it is possible to re-link these documents to other assets or download the docs etc before deleting the asset....

group-it by Engaged Sweeper II
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Alert via email when a node comes back online

I find myself constantly checking to see when a user's computer gets reconnected to the network so I can fix something for them. If lansweeper had a way to send an alert via email when a computer gets reconnected to the network, that would be great.

arupert by Engaged Sweeper III
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Domain field for Linux assets

I've got a mixed infrastructure of both Linux and Windows machines. All machines are joined to a domain, but I'm unable to have my Linux assets pop up under the same domain group as the Windows assets, I've tried modifying this field in the "mass edi...

Add clickable links to Software Authorization page.

We proactively use the Software Authorization feature of Lansweeper to kind of keep dibs on the machines that have local admins so every week I'm in there approving/denying all 'neutral' marked software. Without fail, every week, I find something od...

RTI_IT by Champion Sweeper
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Display service name

I needed to restart a service on a computer today. I went into Lansweeper > Computer > Config > Windows > Services and was looking for the name of the service and noticed only the display name is listed. Can you add the actual service name to this as...

jprateragg by Champion Sweeper
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WOL Scheduling

It would be really useful if we could select a group of assets and schedule recurring WOL to them. We like to have our IT Suite machines switched on for the start of Class each day, and although i have tools that can do this for windows machines, i ...