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How to segregate the view on assets in the interface

Hello,We currently are using the Enterprise version with multiple scanning services and have a centralized database, and we are managing most of our worldwide office from one place but some offices have a local IT, for which, I would like to give acc...

Asset Assignments

When assigning assets to a person, it would be helpful if the search grid showed if the assets aware already assigned to a person. While some assets can be assigned to multiple people, this would raise a flag in the instances where they are not.

Elwood472 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Are there any plans to add localization for multi-national companies now that the Ultimate tier specifically has "multiple companies/countries" listed as a feature? I'd like to recommend Lansweeper to a company that is headquartered in Germany with ...

joes3 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Asset Network Histor

My Envision, Screen would look similar to the user view, where it shows the users history of "Computers logged onto"When you view an asset, say a laptop, etc. The "Network" shows current NIC's The IP address and the connected switch asset.I would li...

RAID information?

Hello,I try search but I can't found. It may not support yet.I REALLY need raid information. Do we have any menual search or somthing?Please make RAID info!!!

sandwind by Engaged Sweeper II
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Windows Servers via SNMP

Hi allI use LANsweeper to scan lots of remote networks... and it works great for network devices. However, it seems that the product developers saw fit to DENY windows servers being discovered via SNMP...and instead, force you to use the joke of a p...

thetoilet by Engaged Sweeper
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