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🐝Unlock Data Insights with Community Hivemind

Hi everyone,  I hope you have had a good week! I am reaching out to share details about a new peer to peer initiative called Community Hivemind. This project is designed to give you practical, real-world insights from other Lansweeper users. By parti...

Hivemind cover 2024-05-16 113237.jpg
Mercedes_O by Community Manager
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Non-Expiring Passwords

I am trying to build a report that shows all of our AD users that have the "Password Never Expires" setting enabled. I didn't see a field for that in the ADUsers table and I'm not sure where else to look. THanks,Michael

Malbanese by Engaged Sweeper III
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Related KB articles when creating tickets

I'm currently in a Provance demo (yuck) for Helpdesk ticketing, and a really nice feature is the ability to find related KB articles when a user creates a ticket. Example: a user creates a ticket stating that they can't hear anything from their speak...

Add support for Windows 10 S

Hello,I was wondering if there any plans to introduce some sort of scanning options for windows 10 S?LsPush on a custom Appx-file would be great. //David

Restrict Support Team to certain asset Information

I would like to be more granular with the asset visibility.It would be good to be able to create roles for the different support teams where by we can restrict the assets they can I may want to create a role for those that manage our printers ...

Skype For Business Support

Hi,We are currently rolling out Skype for Business to our users. Lansweeper has userpages that contain the phone number but behind that link the "callto:" protocol is used. This only works for Skype consumer. Skype for Business uses the "tel:" protoc...

User Portal: hide assigned Agent

On the user portal, is it possible to hide the assigned Agent column? We'd rather not advertise who the assigned agent is to prevent users from contacting the agent directly.

Concerning CSS in KB

Is there a "custom.css" or a way to define an "corporate" CSS-File to alter the Appearance of KB Articles?So that it will not be overwritten in following Releases of LS.And in the WYSIWYG-Editor when you mark text as code. In HTML the DIV-Tag gets a ...

tgt by Engaged Sweeper III
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Helpdesk Mixed Mode Login Functionality

Hi, I believe I asked this many moons ago in a long list of wish list items, but are there any plans to implement a mixed mode authentication scheme like most other helpdesk systems use? Basically, we want to automatically login if a user is logged i...

mdouglas by Engaged Sweeper III
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