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OS Build Version(s) Expanded

I noticed a feature request to identify the different builds of Windows 10 and the solution being to look into each asset and find the build number in Config>Windows>OS. I feel that this being a viable 'solution' is partially accurate. The build (or ...

mikeNDF by Engaged Sweeper II
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Approve software for assets groups

Hi,I want to approve different softwares for different assets groups.I.e. Sql Management Studio is approved for IT Pcs groups but not approved for accounting office PcsIs it possibile?

MrEko by Engaged Sweeper
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auto create ticket. without cc

When a ticket is auto-created (lifted from a mailbox) the ticket has CC members (if any exists). I would like to auto-create ticktes without the CC users.any way this is possible?

Martijn by Engaged Sweeper
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Toner Tracking

We have about 80 printers and it would be great to be able to quickly add, remove and report on toner inventory. We take turns doing physical inventory and it's a pain in the neck!Thanks

Updated Helpdesk UI

Just wondering if there is a way to change the color options in the latest version ( It is way too white and there is hardly any contrast in the fields, it's going to give me and others massive headaches.

cwest by Engaged Sweeper II
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License Expiration on Order Level

Hi allIt would be nice to have the license expiration not only on the software itself but also on single orders.We maintain systems for different customers, both are using the same software but Customer A is expiring on date X1 and Customer B is expi...

apmc by Engaged Sweeper
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Lanseweeper OS Licensing compliance

Hi,We've been using lansweeper for a couple of years now. The addition of the license tracking is great, however we have a few areas where this doesnt really work for us and wondered if anyone had any ideas how to get around it. Windows 2016 is sold ...

MarcA by Engaged Sweeper II
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