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Add Custom Field to outgoing email

Does anyone know if it is possible to reference a custom field in an outgoing email in the Help Desk Module? for example, I have created a custom field called Departments. When a ticket is assigned to an agent, I would like the email to show the Use...

rbehm by Engaged Sweeper
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Scanning Targets

In scanning targets it would be nice to have an exclusion field where you could add in a comma separated or range of IP addresses you do not want to scan.

seand by Engaged Sweeper II
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EMail Adress as Hyperlink

Hello,if i look in the AD Information from a User i can see there E-Mail adress as hyperlink and i can click it to open a new Mail.In the Asset i can see the last User and a window show more information after a mouse over.Here can i see the E-Mail ad...

Schnepel by Engaged Sweeper
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Any form of iPad scanning

Assuming by the way Apple locks out SSH unless you jailbreak I guess that would fall back to an app that would allow scanning.BYOD should make this a high priority and I have seen many requests but no feedback from Lansweeper.

Ed by Engaged Sweeper III
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Scan / Monitor PDUs / UPS devices

SNMP monitoring of battery statistics / outlet voltages etc, would be useful for quick monitoring of UPS and PDU devices.Currently SNMP appears to only pull network status and basic system information.The systems I'm encountering this with are APC an...

dkramer by Engaged Sweeper II
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Purge SNMP switch scan records

We have Lansweeper scanning our HP Comware switches via SNMP v3 that is working great but port connectivity information is historical not reflecting valid at last scan. We have computers that move locations showing up on different switches and ports...

gderrick by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Task/Project sharing

I'm using lansweeper for quite a few years now and i love it. We are using the helpdesk and calendar. Is there a way of maybe already something on the wishlist to share tasks/projects together.Now we share tasks in outlook with a due date or put it i...

pvanlien by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! NTFS rights management

This feature would be good, because other products like docusnap also have this.user to file / folderfolder / file to userYours sincerlyHubert Springer

hspringer by Engaged Sweeper
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