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Asset image on Location

Hi,Just wondering is there a way where I can change what gets shown on the Location Map after I add an Asset to it? By default we get the Windows Icon and a number (not exactly sure what this number is representing). I'm wondering if we can change th...

Gotafe by Engaged Sweeper II
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Run option in Report Builder

In Report Builder there's Save and Save & Run, but I personally would like to have a Run option by itself. This would allow for verifying that the report even returns what is desired before Saving it.

MikeRigsby by Engaged Sweeper III
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Project Page

I have been looking into this for some time and our company list many others use a website/service or internally built project page/systemI wanted to see if there could be a section on Lansweeper to have a Projects Page so all members (admin) could s...

clickable url in comment field ?

HiI would like to be able to click on url (link for some page in knowledge base) entered into comment tab / comment field for some device.Thank youBest regardsNenad

cnenad by Engaged Sweeper
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create new field for Asset

Hi all,we would to create a new field in asset view named Poweronline that show if a laptop is plugged or on battery.This field exists in WMI query:param( [parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [string]$DeviceName )Invoke-Command -computername ...

LaurentV by Engaged Sweeper II
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I'd love to see a monitoring feature introduced to Lansweeper. The feature would include the ability to monitor and alert on disk space, disk health, CPU usage, servers/critical devices being down - all the standard monitoring options. Information co...

dshu by Engaged Sweeper III
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Deployment log - more detail

Unless I'm missing something, you can't really see much information about what a deployment is doing (if you look at the deployments tab of an asset, for example). You just seem to see the latest message, and there seems to be no way to see the prev...

andrewb by Engaged Sweeper II
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Selective Attributes based on Asset Type

Is it possible to filter what fields get displayed when editing an asset based on the asset type?We have two types of assets, Servers and Applications. We have custom fields set for each of them, but would only like to see the fields for Application...

kclark by Engaged Sweeper
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