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Extended license view

Please add the option to link licenses to users. That way we have a clear overview and we know wich licensekey is allready in use.Thanks in advance!

Available IP Adresses

HI,is it possible to show a list if available IP addresses in a given subnet?? Lansweeper seems to pick up the active pingable IP addresses only. So effectively what I'm looking for here is IP address management as an extra to the existing ability to...

Notification Bar Larger or Make a noise

Hello, I was curious if there was a way to make the task bar up top larger to make the "unassigned ticket/new tickets" star and the "notifications" bell more noticeable? I love how both icons light up with a red notification symbol, I was just curio...

swagner by Engaged Sweeper
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Report based on scan Credential

Hello,Is there any way to tell which Credentials were used to scan an asset? Such as was asset "A" scanned with the Global account or one of my custom credentials?Thanks!

More Info for AD User/Computer

Wish to have more information about user from AD, this information would be priorite #1:When did the user change is password in AD ,ect..Thank you, has always team LanSweeper Rock!! Dan

Do not show inactive assest through search

Hello All,Is it possible to disable to show up the disable assests ?When I use the search I don't type in the full name of the pc. But the old one is also showing up.Example :Janssen2 (pcname) OLDJanssen3 (pcname) NEWI see both in search when I type ...

Joris_ by Engaged Sweeper II
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