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LLDP Information out Switches

it will be great if Informations out Switches (Cisco) also covers the LLDP Information. Reason, we have a lot devices connected which can not deliver be themself via SNMP mostly IP-Phones. But this devices deliver information via LLDP to our Cisco Sw...

AG by Engaged Sweeper II
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Alternate 'Main Page' Content

Hello,I'm wondering if there is a way to force all users (including first time and existing users) to an alternate main page.I'm aware that you can add and remove the widgets to your liking, but this seems to happen for the individual logged in user ...

scottb by Engaged Sweeper
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MAC Software in Software Licenses View

I'm trying to track license info for software installed on Macs but the software licensing component seems to only include windows endpoints. Is this something that can be enabled?

rmcnutt by Engaged Sweeper
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Installer features

I really like the software installer feature of lansweeper, however, I was curious if there will ever be an interface that automatically looks at adobes site or any 3rd party site for updates to reader/flash/java/etc. any plans on more automation of ...

jdaniel by Engaged Sweeper III
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Post Imaging Software Reinstallation

In our environment (school) we re-image computers at least once a year. We have the imaging of the computer and common software scripted for installation. The issue for the tech is then to install whatever special software is needed for the user. ...

murpmic by Engaged Sweeper III
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Identify unused software

I would like to identify software, particularly Microsoft and Adobe, where it is installed, but not being used. This could be unused ever, or for, say, 90 days.Can I do this in LanSweeper?Thanks

frealan by Engaged Sweeper
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Different data visualization for different users

I work into a big organization and I need to partialize data display.In other words, I need that some users could see only a small data subset, based on different OU; for example:- user A can display only data from OU=10- user B can display only data...

paprita by Champion Sweeper
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