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Champion Sweeper
I think it would be usefull to be able to delete specific log-entries.
It know it's a thing with logs that they normally don't need to be changeable, but at least the errors should be removable.

An different solution might be changing the deployment tab in the asset view to be a bit less log and more like a quick list of the unique packages that where deployed on a client and the last state they had.
That's maybe 5 packages instead of their 10-20 deployment-attempts that are shown, that means you can directly see if a package is installed.
Champion Sweeper
Yep, that's the way I'm currently doing it
Lansweeper Alumni
Added to the wish list, but no release date. A workaround would be to remove the entries directly from the tsyspackagelogs database table. This is not something we can provide instructions or support for however. Proceed with caution.