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Engaged Sweeper

We are running an environment consisting of 4 scanning servers, 3 out of which server our primary domain but in addition also serve a secondary domain. Scanning credentials deployment shares etc. are set up and were running for years already.

Since the update to version on the 30th of January this year, deployments on computers in those secondary domains fail with the following error message:

Preliminary checks failed. Task Registering Error. Value does not fall within the expected range.

We've had this back in 2022, back then I was given a patch to install which fixed the issue, this time, LS support claim they are unable to reproduce the issue, and priority to fix it seems to be extremely low, which leaves us with more than 100 computers without the ability to deploy anything for a month and a half already.

Does anybody experience the same issue and maybe has found a way to work around this?

The work arounds which I get form LS support so far are not really doable (like going back to a backup of the DB from before Jan 30th etc.

I should point out that in the meantime we've upgraded the scanning servers to version and the issue is not yet fixed there.


Engaged Sweeper

We have 3 such domains in 4 different sites. This would mean setting up between 3 to 4 scanning servers. That's rather a big overhead and can't really be considered a workaroud.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support


You seem to encounter issues during deployment on assets in a different domain, consider setting up a scanning server in that domain as a workaround.