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Engaged Sweeper III
Is it possible for Lansweeper to display the ID of a VLAN on a port in addition to the name? For example a switch port can be configured for VLAN Marketing and its VLAN ID 265. Lansweeper displays the label Marketing under the Vlan column. How and where can I see the ID 265?
Lansweeper Alumni
Topic moved to the wishlist section to reflect that this is currently not yet possible within Lansweeper.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
We've received this request via mail as well. Below you can find our answer, to benefit other users.

Thank you for contacting Lansweeper support.

Unfortunately, Lansweeper does not keep track of the VLAN ID field, only its name. So there is no way to display this field at this moment. We've marked this ticket as a feature request. Features on the customer wishlist are prioritized based on a combination of customer demand and difficulty to implement. As such we can unfortunately not guarantee this will be implemented or provide you with an expected release date.