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Champion Sweeper II
some LSpushDevice ...
So I can have a scan on remote subnets so i can see the MAC address for devices that do not scan any other way (ie no ports open)...

Or a remote agent that can run on remote servers on remote subnets to assist in scanning for devices on those subnets.

come to think of it, I wonder if just the "service" part of the Lansweeper could be installed somewhereon a remote subnet and just configed simple to say ,only do device scanning and only on this subnet.

basically a stripped down version of lansweeper that just uses the remote sql database .

Lansweeper Alumni
The enterprise version does what you want: you install the lansweeper service in a remote site and let it scan only the local subnet.
The remote lansweeper service reports back information to your central lansweeper database.

Please contact us at for a trial key if you want to test this.

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